The double bind

Publicat el 10 Ago, 2015

“Like a road sign that you’re looking at that says: “Do not read this sign.” You cannot do both what it asks and implies (by being a sign) simultaneously. The double bind or paradox gives the illusion of space between the opposites, but the space isn’t really there. The effects of such paradoxical communication can be devastating, especially to those already experiencing disturbed emotions.

Unless the more vulnerable are helped to be able to untangle or unravel themselves from being trapped within the double bind or paradoxical communication to which they are exposed, they will become consumed by doubt, which will in turn reinforce enactments of repetition-compulsion.”

Gregory Bateson

Steps to an ecology of the mind – 1972

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Adapt yourself!

Publicat el 7 Ago, 2015

“And so the analyst says ‘Adapt yourself!’ He does not mean, as some wish to think – adapt yourself to this rotten state of affairs! He means: adapt yourself to life! Become an adept! That is the highest adjustment – to make oneself an adept.”

Henry Miller

Sexus – 1928

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