Unshared happiness is not happiness

Publicat el 18 Ago, 2015

“And so it turned out that only a life similar to the life of those around us, merging with it without a ripple, is geniune life, and that an unshared happiness is not happiness… And this was most vexing of all.”

Boris Pasternak

Doctor Zhivago – 1957

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“Totes aquelles persones estaven estretament lligades entre sí per la fe comú i s’esforçaven en no deixar penetrar en el seu grup a qui no la compartia. Tenien les seves confraries i els seus àpats, on partien junts el pa, com si formessin tots una gran família. Tot això era comprès en la seva doctrina, en aquell “estimeu-vos els uns als altres”. Però, podien estimar algú que no se’ls assemblava? Era difícil esbrinar-ho.

Barrabàs no hagués volgut formar part d’aquests àpats de cap manera; la simple idea de barrejar-se així amb els altres el xocava. No volia ser res més que ell mateix, i allò era tot.

Tanmateix, els cercava.

Fins i tot simulava la intenció de voler esdevenir un més… si tan sols arribés a comprendre bé la nova creença.”

Pär Lagerkvist

Barrabàs – 1950

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L’ésser solitari

Publicat el 12 Ago, 2015

“L’ésser solitari pateix, es troba pres d’una certa inquietud, perquè no pot compartir els seus pensaments, els seus sentiments, amb els altres. Quan un sent un gran plaer, voldria fer saber als altres que existeix, que sent, que estima, que viu, que lluita, que combat.”

Piotr Kropotkin

La moral anarquista – 1889


La Morale Anarchiste


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The double bind

Publicat el 10 Ago, 2015

“Like a road sign that you’re looking at that says: “Do not read this sign.” You cannot do both what it asks and implies (by being a sign) simultaneously. The double bind or paradox gives the illusion of space between the opposites, but the space isn’t really there. The effects of such paradoxical communication can be devastating, especially to those already experiencing disturbed emotions.

Unless the more vulnerable are helped to be able to untangle or unravel themselves from being trapped within the double bind or paradoxical communication to which they are exposed, they will become consumed by doubt, which will in turn reinforce enactments of repetition-compulsion.”

Gregory Bateson

Steps to an ecology of the mind – 1972

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Soul reading

Publicat el 10 Ago, 2015

“I fancy I can read a little in the souls of those about me —but perhaps it is not so. Oh, when my good days come, I feel as if I could see far into others’ souls, though I am no great or clever head. We sit in a room, some men, some women, and I; and I seem to see what is passing within them, and what they think of me. I find something in every swift little change of light in their eyes; sometimes the blood rises to their cheeks and reddens them; at other times they pretend to be looking another way, and yet they watch me covertly from the side. There I sit, marking all this, and no one dreams that I see through every soul. For years past I have felt that I could read the souls of all I met. But perhaps it is not so…”

Knut Hamsun

Pan – 1894

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The period of gestation

Publicat el 8 Ago, 2015

“The best thing about writing is not the actual labor of putting word against word, brick upon brick, but the preliminaries, the spade work, which is done in silence, under any circumstances, in dream as well as in the waking state. In short, the period of gestation.”

Henry Miller

Sexus – 1928

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